Born and raised on the outskirts of the Bayou City of Houston, TX, I was fascinated from an early age with various forms of magick.  As a member of the local goth community and longtime solitary practitioner of an eclectic path, I decided to offer my services and specially crafted ritual goods to others, taking much care to create items that I use myself in my own practice, and which could also provide assistance to those looking to manifest protection, healing, abundance, and love into their lives.

All of my handmade items are created with mindful intent, utilizing precise ingredients and times with the corresponding moon phases and planetary ruling, to ensure each is charged with the appropriate energy for the desired outcome of the spell, ritual, or working.

Witchcrafted tools, hand printed altar cloths, herbs, ritual & fragrance oils, salts, sprays, candles, incense and other accoutrements can be found in my online shop, and my repertoire is ever growing. Custom tailored magickal services are also a specialty, as my goal is to use my talents to help others in any way I can. House blessings & cleansings, custom bespoke spell bottles, sigil amulets, remote candle magick, and more, can be created just for you and your specific need, and are available by request.

Every First Saturday of each month, I host an event called the Thorn & Moon Magickal Market, currently taking place at a venue near downtown Houston called the Raven Tower, that features local art, a dark aesthetic, carefully curated occult and esoteric vendors including our own booth, DJ’d and live music, food, cocktails, and a rotating variety of art shows, workshops, performances, and activities. Visit the event page or www.magickalmarket.com for more information on the premiere monthly witches’ market in Houston, TX!

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