Fall & Halloween Shop Update!

We have several brand new items just listed in the Thorn & Moon online store, especially for the Autumn season and for celebration of Halloween / Samhain / Day of the Dead.

Celebrate the season of the witch with us, with these spooky new items (just click the image or the “SHOP” tab above to be directed to our store).

TRICKERY fragrance oil 1/3 oz roller bottle – a scrumptious blend of pumpkin, vanilla, cedar, patchouli, and oud.


CATRINA fragrance oil 1/3 oz roller bottle – the deliciously sweet scent of  baked treats and eats, blending warm vanilla, icing, sugar cookie, and clove.


HALLOWEEN PERFUME SAMPLER SET – get our newest and more popular fall fragrances in a spooky little collector tin


Assorted HALLOWEEN SOAPS made with luscious Shea Butter and bewitching Fall Scents, purchase individually or buy the entire set and save!


Handprinted CELESTIAL SKY BAT PATCH – a spooky print on canvas to adorn your altar, your wall, or yourself!


WITCHY ENAMEL LAPEL PINS to show off your love of all things Magick! Many to choose from – Cats, Crystal Balls, Spellbooks & More… collect them all!


SERPENTINE VISIONS Crystal Ball Stand – features three snakes cast in resin and handpainted, to hold your scrying spheres and crystal gazing balls as you peer into the shadow world…


Happy shopping, Witches!!!!


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