Mabon Blessings from the Witches of Thorn & Moon!

On this first day of Autumn, we celebrate the change of seasons, the end of summer, the fall harvest, and give thanks for its bounty on this day also known as Mabon, or the Witches’ Thanksgiving.

We celebrate with friends, feast, rituals, and our altar, giving thanks to the goddess.

The Autumn Equinox, or Mabon, is one of the two times of year when there is equal parts of day and of night, and we reflect on that balance, in nature, and also metaphorically (darkness and light) in many other aspects of our lives.

It is the cycle of life, the turn of the wheel of the year, as nature dies off and prepares for winter, to be born again later in the spring.

potluck, feast, dinner , autumn, fall, pumpkin, Mabon, pagan, festival
Table settings for our Thorn & Moon Fall Feast / Mabon Dinner Last Year
Mabon, Autumn, Equinox, Altar
Thorn and Moon Mabon Altar


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