Thorn & Moon Sigil to Recover Lost Items

I don’t know if it’s the full harvest moon energy, or my excitement for the special guest for our November 2nd Thorn & Moon Magickal Market,published  writer and author of ‘Sigil Witchery’, Laura Tempest Zakroff, but I have been super inspired to create sigils and Magickal symbols for a variety of purposes lately.

The first sigil I will put to good use is my “Sigil to Recover Lost Items”. Someone I know has tragically lost some items of value, and it is my hope that with a little Magickal help from a friend, they will find their way back to her again.

Here is our Sigil, should you find it may be of use to find missing things that you have lost as well, feel free to use it and share it at will:






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